b.1994, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Based in Glasgow, UK.

Illustrator and zine maker exploring the themes of home, community, identity and mental health. They deconstruct and translate daily feelings, conversations and intimate thoughts into self-published printed matter using Risography. Their practice also involves encouraging collaboration, skill-sharing and community engagement through DIY culture, aiming to platform marginalised voices and diversifying DIY spaces.




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 ✎ Self published zines:

  • 2019, Jul⌇It Comes in Waves

  • 2018, Nov⌇Longing For Home, issue ll

  • 2018, Sep⌇Caramel: Like Our Skin, with Deena Khan.

  • 2018, Apr⌇(filling the) VOID

  • 2018, Mar⌇Shadow play

  • 2017, Dec⌇ Not A Real Person Yet

  • 2017, Sep⌇Longing For Home, issue l

  • 2017, May⌇Tesco Value Honey, with Najma Sardar.

  • 2016, Sep ⌇ Human Sponge

  • 2016-18, Aug⌇Feelings (on a film roll)

  • 2016, Jun ⌇S(PACE) no. 1

  • 2016, Feb ⌇First Time

  • 2015, Jul ⌇Homeland

  • 2015, Sep ⌇After-effect, vol II, Mother Tongue

  • 2014, Jun ⌇After-effect, vol I, Skin

  • 2012, Jan ⌇You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

  • 2010, Aug⌇Personal Qualities NOT Defined By Exams

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