b.1994, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Based in Manchester, UK.

Illustrator and printmaker exploring the themes of home, identity, race, culture and mental health. Deconstructing and translating daily feelings, conversations and intimate thoughts into self-published printed matter.

  • Creator of MAKE STUFF - Skill-share, community engagement, workshop facilitating.
  • Publisher at Tender Hands Press - Small zines and DIY arts risograph distro for marginalised creatives.



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                 ✎ Self publishing:

  • Jun 2018⌇Caramel: Like Our Skin, with Deena Khan.
  • Apr 2018⌇(filling the) VOID
  • Mar 2018⌇Shadow play
  • Dec 2017⌇ Not A Real Person Yet
  • Oct 2017⌇Goomshuda/ گم شدہ
  • May 2017⌇Tesco Value Honey, with Najma Sardar.
  • Oct 2016 ⌇ Human Sponge
  • Aug 2016⌇Feelings (on a film roll)
  • Jun 2016 ⌇S(PACE) no. 1
  • Jun 2016 ⌇Hallucinations
  • Feb 2016 ⌇First Time.
  • July 2015 ⌇Homeland.
  • Sep 2015 ⌇After-effect, vol 2; Mother Tongue.
  • Jun 2014 ⌇After-effect, vol 1; Skin.
  • Jan 2012 ⌇You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are.
  • Aug 2011⌇Still

Collaborative zines:

                         ⎔ Projects:

  • 2017+MAKE STUFF,  Creative skill-sharing workshops for anyone who seeks comfort through making.
  • 2017Creative50,  Manchester International Festival.
  • 2017+Tender Hands Press - Risograph press + DIY arts distro, aiming to diversify print scene.
  • 2016⌇Poor Pals Club - A space supporting & showcasing work by struggling, northern creatives.

✄  Selected Group Exhibitions:





    ✏ Workshops: