Tender Hands Press

Tender Hands is a tiny DIY arts & zines press & distro, located in Manchester, UK. We print, sell, promote & distribute risograph printed matter, such as independent & self-published zines & chapbooks by creatives of colour, queer, non-binary & trans folks. Our aim is to make printing creative content more accessible, affordable & to also help diversify the DIY scene.

Any funds or profits made are used to purchase materials, cover printing costs, table hires at self-publishing events & workshops.

Send us: zines, chapbooks, patches, books, badges, posters & prints up to A3 size. We love per-zines, DIYs & crafts, culture, sexuality, activism, feminism, politics, mental health, self-care, relationships, gender, class, disability, religion, friendship, lists, food/recipes, music, memories, plants, & more.


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NOTE: we will not print any content that involves or advocates homo/bi/queer/trans-phobia, racism, sexism, body shaming, culture appropriation, victim blaming & animal abuse.


Submissions to distribute:

Are you interested in us distributing your lovely creations? Then send us a sample of your work! You can post it to (or find us at a print fair):

Tender Hands Press, 76 Chervil Close, Manchester, M14 7DP, England, UK.

Please also include the following info:

  • A little bio & the creation(s) you are sending
  • Your contact details (email or address) & social media handles (so we can credit you)
  • Your retail & wholesale prices (often 50% of retail price but happy to negotiate)


All samples can be returned. We purchase upfront & pay through PayPal. 

  • Max retail price for publications : £6
  • Max retail price for prints: £10
  • Max retail price for posters: £10
  • Max retail price for badges: £1



Submissions to print & distribute:

If you want us to print your work, then you can email us at:



Printing & Pricing: 

When sending your content to print, remember to add information regarding the size, pages, paper printed on, number of copies & ink.

We can print zines & posters in the following sizes & through the formats sent:

  • Zines: A6, A5  
  • Posters/Flyers: A6, A5, A4, A3
  • PDF, PSD or InDesign Files or original masters - physical copy or digital copy 
  • Folded or saddle stitched
tenderhands(website) copy.jpg

Note: Please keep in mind that this is a one person run press, I try to make sure everything is printed to a semi-professional standard & to the best of my ability, however:

  • you may see a few smudge marks that may go unnoticed when cleaning prints.
  • often wobbly cuts & crops.

 I am also open to any advice to improve the distro & happy to skill-share!